Kevin Leehey, M.D.
Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatry
Board Certified

1980 E. Ft. Lowell Road, Suite 150 | Tucson, Arizona 85719
Phone: (520) 296-4280 | Fax: (520) 296-3835


  1. RoseMarie Smith, M.A. (520-433-1544)
    Certified School Psychologist (Educational Specialist degree). Works well with schools, teachers, parents, students of all ages through college. Teaches, advises, and coaches organization, time management, self, parent advocacy, and more. She does educational and psychoeducational testing, counseling, writing, developing, and monitoring IEPs, Accommodation Plans (504), and behavior and parenting plans for mainstream and special education K-12 and college.

  2. Rachel Hoblitt (343-3089) Tucson LD Tutors
    Rachel tutors and helps high school and college youth organize and learn needed college success skills. She also helps stundents navigate and benefit from DRC, SALT, and other college and high school support resources

  3. Carolyn Lee, Ph.D. (323-1882)
    3148 N. Cherry Ave.
    Dr. Lee can arrange for (or do) testing, is quite knowledgeable regarding school options, and can (or do) help arrange tutoring and other educational interventions.

  4. Meg Burke PhD (548-2432)
    Dyslexia and Math Specialist; AZ grades 1-8 Certified Teacher

  5. Christina Borth (952-846-8792)
    Masters in Education and Special Ed. Certified Teacher LD, EH, ESL. Works well with schools, teachers, parents, students of all ages through college. Teaches and coaches organization, time management, academics, self regulation, and self advocacy. Currently Ms. Borth primarily uses video and online to serve clients.

  6. Beyond Book Smart
    Online, phone and video organizational skills, Executive Function Coaching for elementary through college ages

  7. Jenny's Speech and Learning Clinic (989-9799)
    Speech and language therapy; Occupational therapy; Autism, Feeding, Cochlear Implants

  8. UA students who tutor K-12 in math

  9. Child and Family Resources (881-8940)
    This agency can advise on a wide range of childcare and related services.

  10. Varsity Tutors; Kuomon Centers; Tutoring Club are tutoring businesses

  11. Also find tutors via school, relatives, friends, doctors, therapists or internet searches.

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